Petrol Generator 3.0 kW AVR CIMEX PG4000S Продаја - Bugarska

Cena bez PDV-a
275 EUR
Cena bez PDV-a
275 EUR
Grupa proizvoda / vozilaBenzinski generatori
Brend/ModelPetrol Generator 3.0 kW AVR CIMEX PG4000S
Godište proizvodnje2019
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Lokacija MašineSofia
Mascus ID81775F31
Izaberi valutu:
Cena bez PDV-a275 EUR
PDV (20%)55 EUR
Cena sa PDV-om330 EUR
Opšte stanje (1-5)
MotorCimex G210
Snaga motora3 kW (4 KS)
Učestalost50 Hz
Voltaža220 V
Obim rezervoara15 l
Bruto težina47 kg
Transportne dimenzije (DxŠxV)500 x 460 x 440
Zemlja proizvodnjeBugarska
Ostale informacijePower generator 3.0 kW, electrical start, AVR, wheels - CIMEX PG4000S. The new CIMEX PG4000S power generator is specially designed for providing electricity to machines and tools, office spaces, homes, campers, RV and many more. The peak power of the generator is 3.0 kW and effectively used - 2.7 kW rated power. In segment construction and finishing interior works, this mono-phase petrol power generator is widely used to supply with electricity various types of power tools such as saws, demolition hammers, angle grinders and you can even use it for emergency power supply for campers and RVs. Equipped with AVR (automatic output voltage regulator), the power generator provides electric power with stable output voltage needed for supplying household devices. This allows your CIMEX PG4000S Mobile Power Generator for supplying with electricity offices, houses, rest houses and more. The practical 12 V / 8.3A socket allows you to use the power generator as a charger or power source for your caravan and camper. The CIMEX PG4000S is not just another power generator available on the market – the unit is specially developed to face the specific requirements for both: professional users and it's ideal for domestic conditions.

With weight only 39kg, wheels equipped and convenient folding handles, the CIMEX PG4000S can be easily positioned or moved wherever you need it. Transport and storage do not require much space. If you need to place the generator stationary - instead of the transport wheels, you can mount the pads from the standard package.

The metal tube frame of the power generator has side protection covers, insulating the engine, exhaust and the other components from possible contact with objects and providing protection against combustion during transportation.

Unlike the previous CIMEX PG3000S, the new CIMEX PG4000S has an increased volume of the fuel tank. The capacity is enlarged up to 15 litres, providing working time for 7-9 hours (depending on the load).

The fuel port is located centrally on the fuel tank and the fuel level indicator is clearly visible, also located on the upper part of the tank.

On the front panel of the generator are located: ignition key, the digital meter, the main switch and the socket outlets. The electric start of the generator allows it to be started without the need for physical force (motor pull up start). The operator just has to turn the ignition key and the power generator will start.

In case the power generator isn’t used for a long time and have not taken care of its battery, you have the option to start the generator using the manual starter – cord pulling starter.

A multifunction digital display is located next to the start switch and it is measuring the output voltage, voltage frequency and motor-hours counter. The difference between widespread analogue devices and CIMEX’s digital display is factory calibration (does not need periodic tuning).

The motor-hour counter existence is a key point to ensure timely oil change and to follow up the intervals. This is the main topic for trouble-free engine operation!

220 V outputs sockets are front panel situated and they are protected with a folding cover.

Right below the 220V outputs of the power generator, there is a 12V / 8.3A / DC socket, that you can use to charge batteries on field conditions or to plug in your caravan lighting.

Technical Characteristics:

• Output voltage (V): 220 V
• Number of phases: 1 (monophase)
• Rated current (A): 12.3 A
• Maximum power (kW): 3.0
• Rated power (kW): 2.7
• Output: 12V Yes - 12V / 8.3 A / DC
• Aut. voltage regulator (AVR): YES


• Fuel: Petrol
• Model: G210
• Working volume (cm3): 212
• Power (hp): 6.6
• Number of cylinders: 1
• Cooling: Air
• Starter: Electric + manual
• Fuel tank volume (l): 15

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