Plate compactor CIMEX CR300 Продаја - Bugarska

Cena bez PDV-a
1.372 EUR
Cena bez PDV-a
1.372 EUR
Grupa proizvoda / vozilaVibro ploče
Brend/ModelPlate compactor CIMEX CR300
Godište proizvodnje2019
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Lokacija MašineSofia
Mascus ID1CF20BCA
Izaberi valutu:
Cena bez PDV-a1.372 EUR
PDV (20%)274 EUR
Cena sa PDV-om1.646 EUR
Opšte stanje (1-5)
Bruto težina230 kg
Transportna težina225 kg
Transportne dimenzije (DxŠxV)1020 x 720 x 1050
Originalna bojaYellow
Zemlja proizvodnjeBugarska
Ostale informacijeReversible plate compactor CIMEX CR300 300 kg with water tank, wheels and foldable handle. With the completely new redesign, the CIMEX CR300 compactor will surely surprise you with efficiency and ergonomics. All of the improvements made on the new model led to a smaller size for easier transportation, increased efficiency and comfort.
The compactor is designed for compaction of soil, sand, gravel mixtures, asphalt, pavement and it can be heavily used on a daily basis. Every professional will be impressed with the hardened self-cleaning plate made of cast iron, the drainage pipe that will make the oil change easy, the transportation wheels, the foldable handle and the water tank. This plate compactor might look like one of the standard models on the market, but it packs quite the additional features. The maximum working depth of the model is 90 cm which will be enough for perfect results regardless of the ground that is worked on. The plate compactor works with a gasoline four-stroke CIMEX G390 engine, that has proven its reliability through a lot of years and a lot of machines in which it has been used.


• High reliability
• Low operating costs
• High productivity - 620 square meters / hour
• Compact size
• Foldable handle with swabs to reduce vibration during operation
• Excellent balance and even distribution of impact
• Effective compacting depth of 90 cm.
• Cast, cast iron plate with high wear resistance
• Reliable and simplified directional change - wire instead of hydraulics
• Conveniently positioned reversing lever - reverse and reverse
• Center-mounted lifting hook
• Protective frame
• Antivibration tampons
• Additional weights on the slab - allow for increased work area

Technical Characteristics:

• Centrifugal force (kN) 39.00
• Plate size (mm) 870 x 670
• Speed ​​(m / min) 21
• Seal depth (cm) 90
• Sealing efficiency (m2 / h). 780
• Maximum slope (%) 25
• Vibration Frequency (vpm) 3750


• Fuel: Gasoline
• Model Cimex G390
• Power (hp) 13

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Na ćete naći mašine brenada [Other] Plate compactor CIMEX CR300 iz kategorije vibro ploče. Cena te [Other] Plate compactor CIMEX CR300 mašine je 1.372 €, registrovana je bila 2019 godine. Ta mašina se nalazi u Sofia Bugarska. Na nadjite još mnogo drugih mašina marke [Other] Plate compactor CIMEX CR300 kao i drugih mašina iz kategorije vibro ploče. Detalji - Opšte stanje (1-5): 5, Bruto težina: 230 kg, Transportna težina: 225 kg, Transportne dimenzije (DxŠxV): 1020 x 720 x 1050 mm, Originalna boja: Yellow, Zemlja proizvodnje: Bugarska