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Cena bez PDV-a
365 EUR
Cena bez PDV-a
365 EUR
Grupa proizvoda / vozilaVibro ploče
Brend/ModelPlate Compactor CIMEX CP60N
Godište proizvodnje2019
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Lokacija MašineSofia
Mascus ID6D2E3059
Izaberi valutu:
Cena bez PDV-a365 EUR
PDV (20%)73 EUR
Cena sa PDV-om438 EUR
Opšte stanje (1-5)
Bruto težina65 kg
Transportna težina68 kg
Transportne dimenzije (DxŠxV)870 x 480 x 550
Originalna bojaYellow
Zemlja proizvodnjeBugarska
Ostale informacijeThe 65kg plate compactor equipped with water tank, folding handle and wheels. With its completely new design, the CIMEX CP60N vibration plate compactor will surpass your expectations of performance and ergonomics. The main changes of the plate compactor were made to reduce the transport dimensions of the unit so every machine can be easy for transportation and comfortable for use.

Designed for every type of material compaction this unit can press soil, sand, bulk materials, asphalt, pavement. Thanks to that universal treatment it is Ideal for everyday professional use.

The few of the advantages are main for using this compactor plate: reinforced self-cleaning cast iron plate, drainage hose for easy oil drainage at the changeover, transport wheels, folding handle and water tank. Only the professional machines have such detailed features and it is necessary to pay attention to. Although at first glance these features look insignificant as standard, but only a few products on the market can be distinguished by such standard extras. The effective depth of compaction for this model is 25 cm - enough to achieve the desired result regardless of the type of compacted material.

The plate compactors engine is 163 cm3, proven with reliability, tested in the construction segment and rental companies for years. The torque of the engine is transmitted to the vibrator by a self-adjusting centrifugal clutch and a reinforced twin belt drive (common models on the market are available with a single belt). To avoid the heating transition coming by e.g. asphalt with 150-170 degrees’ temperature, the vibrating rotor part of the plate compactor is with reduced contact area to the plate itself. This significant reduction of heat exchange between the asphalt and the vibrating part, increasing the service interval for oil changing at 200 moto-hours intervals.

The self-cleaning plate is made of cast iron with dimensions 530 х 370 mm compared to standard market models. Where the plate is steel, the CIMEX CP60N has a cast iron plate - 4 times higher work resistance. The shape of the cast-iron plate is with rounded boards, allowing easy direction change and movement without any danger of the digging in soft soils.

Operators vibration handling is one of the highlights of the new CIMEX CP60N plate compactor, the folding handle is fitted with four anti-vibrating tampons.

The ability to fold the handle forward makes easier the transportation of the machine by reducing its size, it is packed into the trunk even of compact cars.

In the standard equipment is a watering system with HDPE water tank. The water tank is located on the front part of the metal frame and it is connected via a hose to the irrigation rack. The dew point system is extremely important during asphalt laying process because it does not allow any material to adhere to the plate compactor.

When laying concrete pavers and granite blocks, the plate compactor can be used with a silicone pad (available as an option). The fastening can be done by a screw to the provided threaded holes on the plate of the compactor.

• Monolithic cast iron plate with high work resistance
• Rounded profile of the plate
• Self-cleaning cast iron plate
• Folding handle with anti-vibration tampons
• Throttle Stepping lever mechanism
• Double belt tensioner
• Vibrating rotor with reduced contact area for lower temperature transition
• Reliable and economical engine
• Water tank with irrigation system
• Transport wheels
• Ability to mount a rubber pad
• Low maintenance cost

Technical Characteristics:

• Centrifugal force (kN): 11.0
• Plate size (mm): 530x370
• Speed (m / min): 25
• Water tank capacity (l): 10
• Seal depth (cm): 25
• Sealing efficiency (m2 / h): 560
• Maximum slope (%): 25
• Vibration Frequency (vpm): 5500


• Fuel: Gasoline
• Model: G160
• Power (hp): 5.5

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